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Our expertise:

Our mission is to provide tailored automation solutions precisely aligned with the unique requirements of our clients. Our range of services includes customized image processing and laser technology solutions, along with the standardized software OPDRA® . Moreover, we provide comprehensive consulting services to assist our clients in the successful implementation of their automation projects.

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Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Even in cases of uniform coloration.
We offer software solutions that enable the recognition, storage, and interpretation of fonts and numbers from various sources such as machine screens, documents, or delivery notes. Our character recognition technology is robust even in complex environments, such as uniform coloration, as seen in tire tread patterns. With the appropriate interface, robots can also be controlled based on the captured data.
  • OPDRA Home
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High-precision Object Identification

Despite the smallest differences in shape
With our seasoned expertise, we specialize in component identification using cutting-edge camera systems and laser technology. Harnessing the potential of neural networks (AI), we meticulously train them to detect even the most subtle variations in object geometry, enabling the differentiation of similar components. Seamlessly integrated into OPDRA, our solutions offer swift and seamless process automation, empowering your operations with unmatched efficiency and accuracy.
  • OPDRA Ident
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AI-Powered Quality Inspection Systems

For identifying features such as carbon fiber structures, scratches, dents, voids, or cracks
Our state-of-the-art AI algorithms facilitate precise detection and analysis of defects such as scratches, dents, voids, or cracks. For instance, they can scrutinize carbon fiber structures for imperceptible anomalies. By integrating deep learning algorithms, we can identify subtle deviations and structural irregularities that are often overlooked by conventional methods. This meticulous detection empowers our clients to identify and rectify quality issues early on, thereby minimizing production downtimes and enhancing the overall quality of their products.
  • OPDRA Quality
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Precision Measurement using Laser Technology

Precision Contour Inspections and Laser-based Distance Measurements for Utmost Accuracy
We also employ state-of-the-art laser techniques for highly precise measurements of objects or surfaces. This opens up a plethora of application possibilities, such as measuring geometric features, surface profiles, angles, or dimensions of components. Even the most complex structures can be measured with these techniques, reaching into hard-to-access areas and analyzed in real-time.
  • OPDRA Quality
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Your Partner for Process Automation

With extensive experience in the fields of image processing, laser technology, and robotics
VisCheck maintains a close collaboration with integrators to develop customized automation solutions tailored to individual process requirements. Our dedicated team accompanies you from conception to implementation, offering comprehensive expertise in image processing crucial for the success of your automation projects.
  • OPDRA Genius

OPDRA® Software Packages

Our in-house applications for image processing.


With OPDRA Home, fonts and numbers from machine screens, documents, or delivery notes can be read, stored, and interpreted. Depending on the value read, OPDRA can then control a robot and thus a production machine.

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Beschreibung des Bildes

OPDRA® Ident

OPDRA Ident can differentiate or classify components using our Neural Networks (AI) despite the smallest differences. This allows for the implementation of Pick and Place applications, for instance.

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OPDRA® Quality

OPDRA Quality examines components for the slightest quality differences such as voids, scratches, dents, or cracks. Here too, OPDRA offers easy automation thanks to comprehensive interfaces.

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OPDRA® Genius

OPDRA Genius entails customized solutions tailored to specific customer needs, where we collaborate as partners in process automation using both image processing solutions and laser technology.

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Our image processing solution, OPDRA®

Your benefits at a glance.

No programming skills required.
Effortless integration with current systems.
High flexibility and adaptability to diverse process requirements.
Objective and standardized quality control.
Time savings through quick and reliable process evaluations.
Enhanced security through process documentation, such as images stored in your cloud.

OPDRA® User Interface

Fast. Simple. Flexible.

OPDRA User Interface


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